Hogia Terminal Container Solution

Hogia Terminal Container is an integrated system for real-time planning and control of activities and operations at terminals and depots. The system offers a comprehensive range of facilities and operational features that helps simplify and optimize procedures significantly. By keeping track of all aspects of terminal and depot activities, including booking, planning, monitoring, reporting and invoicing, the system helps terminal operators maximize efficiency and increase terminal utilization.

Hogia Terminal Container incorporates facilities such as self-service gate (an integrated system to accelerate gate activity, minimize truck turnaround time and maximize overall productivity), reporting and invoicing and electronic data interchange (EDI) facility for communication between transport parties.

• Yardplanning   • Web  
• Booking/Services   • Vesselcall    
• Loading/Unloading   • Unit releases (depot empty) 
• Invoicing   • Depot   
• Gate solutions   • Inspection/damage handling 
• Integrations