The history

The Hogia Group comprises 27 companies in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom with a total of 560 employees.
With software as a common denominator, the Hogia Group currently operates in three business areas: finance and business systems, human resource systems and transport systems.
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The Hogia Group’s entire development and operation has always been and is completely self-financed. No external capital has ever been introduced (apart from the family´s original 5,000 SEK), and no shares in the company have ever changed owner. The owners have no intention of selling the company, listing it on the stock exchange or taking in external capital in the future.

The company has a very healthy balance sheet and no loans. The Hogia Group experienced its 20th consecutive year of profit in 2010 and Hogia AB is rated AAA by Soliditet (Dun & Bradstreet’s Nordic partner). The Hogia Group’s annual turnover currently stands at € 45 million increasing at a rate of 5 - 10 % every year.

In 1987 Hogia AB was appointed and has since been Purveyor to His Majesty the King of Sweden. 


Hogia Transport Systems

Hogia Transport Systems provides over 600 public and private sector partners, in 11 countries on 3 continents with 20 years of experience in providing business critical standard software products for multimodal passenger and cargo transport. Our software currently enables our partners to provide continuous service to tens of millions of individual end users and customer’s customers worldwide.

We know and literally grow with our partners, their needs and the transport industry. This continues to give us an exceptional position to successfully fill the role of a true partner of public and private organizations worldwide in building functional and cost-efficient transport operations. Together with our software development, project and quality control methodologies, each fully embracing industry best practice, this makes us a world class partner for well-proven IT solutions for the transport industry.