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Hogia BOOKIT is a booking system focused on ferry travel and ferry freight operations. It handles the complete booking process from the capture of passenger, vehicle and freight details to follow-up activities such as invoicing and reporting. The system is suitable for all kinds of ferry businesses, thanks to its flexible route, capacity, price and yield management functionality. It is also possible to sell closely related products through BOOKIT, such as onboard services, accommodation and connecting travel tickets.

Hogia BOOKIT consists of serveral applications all built on the same platform and using common software components to provide a consistent user experience. All data is stored in the same physical database to allow data sharing between applications.

The booking system is modular and scalable so you only pay for functionality that you need. This is achieved by having separate applications for different purposes and by making the system highly configurable.

The BOOKIT application core consists of the following applications


The In-house booking application is designed for call centres. This handles everything from simple passenger bookings, to more complicated freight and account bookings. All the functionality in the booking application is also available via the API for operators to build their own web-booking pages, ticket kiosks, apps etc. Not only can you sell journeys, you can also sell land-based services such as accommodation, museums and theme parks, as well as any onboard services such as meals, seats and cabins.


As everyone’s terminals and infrastructure are different, we have a whole range of applications to fulfil all operator needs. These could be the in-house check-in application used by ticket agents or in check-in booths, gates, self-service kiosks, handheld, online check-in etc. The applications differ in possibilities, some are done for quick and easy process, others are more complex and allows for changes to passenger and vehicle details, payments, travel details etc.

Account Management

Accounts for private customers allow them to handle their own details such as contact information, amendments and cancellations, travel cards, loyalty schemes etc. Accounts for commercial customers like travel agencies and freight companies makes it possible to set custom rules for pricing and protected space, commission, invoicing terms to name a few.


Flexible and efficient handling of financial transactions is an absolute necessity for successful business. BOOKIT offers comprehensive functionality within the finance field including accounting, deferred revenue/revenue and invoicing.


Our quick sales application is a simplified reservation application with a user interface optimized for touch screens, similar to the POS systems of restaurants. This makes ticket sales in the port easy and efficient. ” Two adults, one child and a standard car, one day return ticket” – just a few clicks on the screen and the sale is completed within seconds.


Reporting is an essential part of any ferry operation. We have a standard suite of reports for creating manifests, sales and revenue reports etc. In addition, BOOKIT has a complete set of database views to create your own reports which can be automatically generated and sent to all relevant stakeholders (such as ports, management etc).

BOOKIT – additional tools and features

As well as all the core functionality available in BOOKIT, there are modular tools and features which can be added as required. These are many and varied but a number of them are highlighted below.

Accommodation and land-based Services

BOOKIT has great functionality to manage the sales of land-based services and accommodation. These can be packaged together with travel and other onshore or onboard services into a holiday package.

Campaigns & Coupons

Define discounts that can be activated automatically, manually or with a coupon code.

Database Reporting views

BOOKIT offers the possibility to access information stored in the database via database reporting views. Using these views you can search for information, create your own reports and mine information for CRM and marketing purposes.

Graphical Deck plan

Booking staff, or the customer themselves, can book the cabin or seat they want by clicking in a graphical map. For group bookings booking staff can drag and drop names into different cabins instead of manually choosing numbers from a list.

Loyalty programme

Loyalty points based on travel history can be awarded and later be used as a means of payment for further travelling or spending onboard.

Travel Cards

There are different types of travel cards that can be added to customer accounts. Stored value cards which work almost like a bank account or multi-trip cards/books of tickets.

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