Daily or weekly travellers

Many operators have a great deal of commuters who start and end their day with the luxury of a ferry ride. These regular travellers have their own set of requirements from a booking system.

COMMUTERS – additional tools and features

As well as the core functionality available in BOOKIT, there are modular tools and features which can be very useful for commuters. These are many and varied but a number of them are highlighted below.

Travel cards

There are two different types of travel cards that can be added to an account; stored value cards which work almost like a bank account or multi-trip cards/books of tickets .



BOOKIT can have a direct integration to one or more payment providers  to handle all financial transactions. This means credit card details are not kept in BOOKIT, instead BOOKIT holds a token issued by the payment provider. This keeps BOOKIT PCI compliant and if the token is store on the customer’s account, they don’t need to reinsert credit card details for each transaction.  

Loyalty programme

Loyalty points based on travel history can be awarded and later be used as a means of payment for further travelling or for onboard spending. Different customer groups (such as islanders or freight) can generate different points for money spent. On competitive routes, loyalty programmes can be essential to build a ‘loyal’ customer base.

Commuter customer case
Wagenborg Passagierdiensten

In 2010, Dutch operator Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten joined the BOOKIT family. They run an operation from the mainland Netherlands to the Wadden See islands of Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. They operate RO-PAX ferries, highspeed ferries, waterbuses and a water taxi service all handled in BOOKIT. Although the islands receive many tourist visitors in the summer season, it is a lifeline service and carries many islanders to the mainland on their daily commute to work.

The commuters have travel cards which they use to take the ferry. On arrival at the terminal customers can check their credit limit on a touch pad, and use the cards to touch and go at passenger gates and (capacity permitting) can walk onto the next available ferry. Touching the card checks for capacity in BOOKIT, creates a booking, removes one trip from their card, and checks-in the booking in one seamless process. When speed is of the essence this use of passenger gates is ideal. Cars have their own travels cards but here passengers tend to book their place in advance of their journey. Customers also receive an automated email when their journey credit limit is running low, so they can go online and top it up.

In addition to BOOKIT they have also bought in the integrated public transport solution which allows them to keep their passengers up to date with news of delays or deviations to schedule, and also allows them to show available capacity remaining on the next Car ferry and high speed ferry so the passengers can choose which vessel they want to board.

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