No two ports are alike

No two ports are alike

No two ports are alike

Hogia Terminal Systems

Your port has its own unique fingerprint in terms of infrastructure, operations and customer profile and it demands a solution tailored to meet your specific needs. The Hogia Terminal Operating System gives you complete control of your terminal and your workflow through a fully automated process, leaving you free to focus on developing your business.

Our smart solution gives you a real-time overview of the entire logistics chain, based on your internal processes. And once your workflow is paperless, you not only streamline your administration, you also future-proof your business.

For complete control of complex workflows







Regardless of how you receive your units, we have a solution that helps to create digital workflows, whether that be standardised integration via our API, customised EDI integrations or Excel files.


Once you receive units at the terminal, you can quickly and smoothly perform all tasks on a smartphone, tablet or vehicle-mounted computer. Digitising your handling operations is simple and it allows you to charge customers for all of the services you provide.


Get a real-time overview of terminal occupancy. Unit positions are shown on a map to provide you with a clear picture of your cargo flows.


Monitor your terminal workflow and how well your organisation is fulfilling its goals. 
For example, using customised reports and metrics or by performing your own analyses in Power BI based on our standardised data model.




Your customers automatically receive information about handled goods via smart integrations, meaning that you do not have to spend time sending emails, making telephone calls or manually updating Excel lists.            

A solution that grows with you

Irrespective of the type of goods you handle, we offer standard modules and add-ons that not only streamline your handling but also allow you to scale up your system should the need arise – whether due to new flows, new automation, a change of terminal or new customer needs. We understand that every terminal is unique; that is why we deliver a system tailored to your specific needs, providing you with all the advantages a modern, standardised solution offers.



TOS container


Car trade

Trade cars

General cargo

General cargo





A few of our customers

Wallhamn is streamlining its freight flows

Wallhamn handles about 100,000 vehicles per year, and uses Hogia’s Terminal Operating System as a central system.

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They go digital with Hogia

Eskilstuna Intermodal Terminal is in the process of digitising its operations, which saves time and money.

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TOS basic functionality


Complete control of everything passing through your terminal.


Support for EDIFACT communication to streamline the flow of data.

Automated invoicing

Optimise and automate your invoicing processes.


Act to eliminate potential bottlenecks as quickly as possible.

Operational management

Perform operational management tasks anywhere on a smartphone or tablet.

Yard Planning

Yard planning and organisation made simple.

Additional TOS functionality


Connect your terminal operating system to anyone, anywhere. Reliable information in real time in a standardised format.

Terminal Map

A visual overview of your terminal makes it easier to plan your operations.

Gate solutions

Minimise the time drivers spend at your gates by implementing a fully or semiautomated gate solution.


Use GPS coordinates to avoid misplacing units.


Ensure the condition of incoming and outgoing units.

Reports and KPIs

Use all of the data in the terminal system to continuously monitor, improve and streamline your organisation and make well-informed decisions.

Verified Gross Mass (VGM)

Weight verification in compliance with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).


Simple customs clearance.

Depot management

Efficient operational workflows minimise unnecessary lifts.

Customer Portal

Give your customers access to the information they need.

Train planning

Simple planning and organisation of train wagons and unit placement in trains.

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