Hogia Logistic Systems

Transport is what keeps our society functioning. That is why we are working to make it as efficient and smart as possible. Digitalisation is opening up a wide range of new opportunities and our aim is to be at the cutting edge of development, together with our customers. Hogia's flexible logistics solutions will help you to increase the quality of the services your business offers while saving time and cutting costs.

Hogia Moveit

Digitize your entire process in construction, from contracts to review and invoicing. Hogia Moveit is a modern cloud solution with intuitive interfaces in both mobile app and web application.

Order planning

Overview to plan and see the current status of orders.

Mobile application

Works in both iOS and Android.


Work where and when you want from computer, tablet or mobile.

Beast standard

Integrated support for handling items according to BEAst Supply NeC and digital order receipt.


All vehicles and machines gathered for easy planning.

Resource groups

Grouped resources, for a clear overview and easy management.


Materials, services and supplements - all gathered in one place.

Article groups

Matches the right articles with the right resource group

Customer project

Administrate and follow up on customer projects.

Material location

Pick-up and delivery locations for materials and lots.

Price lists

Smart handling of price lists from contract to invoicing.


Smart handling of price lists from contract to invoicing.

Hogia MobiLast

Get control in every step and minimize paper handling. Hogia MobiLast is a versatile and flexible solution for several different logistics areas.




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