RO-RO cargo in BOOKIT

The majority of our customers have a great deal of RO-RO freight that they transport – some of our customers are purely freight, so the freight handling capabilities of BOOKIT are excellent.

BOOKIT – additional tools and features for freight

As well as all the core functionality available in BOOKIT, there are modular tools and features which are particularly useful for freight operations. A few of these have been highlighted below.

EDI connections

BOOKIT freight users commonly exchange data with other booking systems, ports, etc. in the form of EDIs. For busy operators these can total many thousands per day.

Automatic fees and add-ons

Port fees, bunker adjustment fees, fees for length, dangerous goods, automatic cabin allocation, electrical plug-ins etc. etc. BOOKIT can be set up so that when a freight booking is created, any applicable add-ons can be automatically generated and charged for.

Agreement pricing

A freight customer can be charged according to freight tariffs, according to a freight pricing group, or for larger customers they may have their own individual contract prices. Charges can also be a combination of tariff and contract pricing. Contracts signed with freight customers can be tied to their account and held in BOOKIT for reference purposes. 

Marine Atlantic

In 2006 a Canadian ferry operator, Marine Atlantic chose BOOKIT as their new reservation system. Marine Atlantic run 4 RO-PAX and RO-RO ferries on government contract services between Port aux Basques, NL, and North Sydney, NS, with a seasonal route from Argentia, NL. down to North Sydney.

A great deal of their operation is freight (both accompanied and drop trailer) so the extensive freight functionality in BOOKIT is key (plug-ins, hazardous goods, invoicing, fees etc.). In 2014 Marine Atlantic decided to improve the service they offered to their freight customers and improve the efficiency in their ports by investing in Hogia’s solution for port and terminal operations – Hogia Terminal Complete. This seamlessly integrated solution is one of the first of its kind in the marine industry, as real-time data is synchronised between the two systems.

Marine Atlantic benefits from a completely digitalised process, from creating customer accounts and making reservations in BOOKIT, to terminal operations in TOS (gate-in, yard, planning, picking up drop trailers, loading and unloading, gate-out), and finally invoicing in BOOKIT. This saves on time and administration, and also reduces the chance human error. The result is improved efficiency, higher performance, a reduction in operational costs, and due to the extreme ‘ease of use’, a happier workforce.

“This new workflow management function significantly enhances ability to manage our traffic at our ports; we can now track our drop trailer traffic in real-time, increasing efficiencies for our business and for our commercial customers. It was an exciting day for all of us as we ‘checked-in’ our first drop trailer!” Terry Anderson, Terminal Manager at Marine Atlantic.

“The Hogia Terminal system was identified as a solution which would allow us to both better manage our traffic within our ports while also providing us with a means to strengthen communication with our commercial customers. Over the past several months both teams (from Marine Atlantic and Hogia) have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this project. I am very pleased with the teamwork and commitment demonstrated by all involved; it was a job well done.” Colin Tibbo, CIO at Marine Atlantic, February 2015.





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