Apply for a job at Hogia Ferry Systems

Hogia was founded in 1980 by entrepreneur Bert-Inge Hogsved. A couple of years earlier, his wife Åse had started her own accounting firm. Driven by an interest in computer programming, Bert-Inge bought a personal computer, an IMSAI 8080, and developed an accounting program to support his wife's agency. This became Hogia's first product and a proved to become a huge sales success. In tandem with the growth of the personal computer, Hogia expanded greatly and continued to develop more software in the areas of payroll and finance. 

That is all history now and as of 2020, the Hogia Group consists of 30 companies located across the Nordic countries and in United Kingdom. It is still a completely family-owned business and has no loans or external share-holders. Bert-Inge Hogsved has held the role of CEO since its inception in 1980, and for over ten years, Hogia has received the highest credit rating possible, the triple-A rating (AAA). Hogia is proud to be an equal opportunities company, and since its foundation in 1980 has had an equal number of male and female employees.

Hogia Ferry Systems is part of the Hogia group and is based in Vasa, Finland. In the office in Vasa we have approx. 30 employees and the office language is Swedish. It is in Vasa where we develop and support our product BOOKIT. BOOKIT is a booking system focused on ferry travel and ferry freight operations. It handles the complete booking process from the capture of passenger, vehicle and freight details to follow-up activities such as invoicing and reporting. The system is suitable for all kinds of ferry businesses, thanks to its flexible route, capacity, price and yield management functionality. 
We have been very successful in signing with ferry operators all over the world this past decade, steadily growing our customer base and that also means that we continuously looking for new talented people to join our team here in Vasa; mainly developers and customer support staff.

If you would like to join our team, please send an e-mail with your CV to and we’ll be in contact.