Hogia Mobilast

An open and flexible system which improves your profitability. Take control of each step and minimise manual handling. Hogia MobiLast is a standard system used by transport companies, contractors, truck terminals and excavation terminals to book, plan, invoice and follow-up their own or others' vehicles. MobiLast consists of modules which can be combined in various ways to suit a wide range of businesses.

Hogia MobiLast

Mobile application

Handle your order via your mobile device, works both in iOS and Android.

Order planning

Good overview for planning and reviewing the status of orders.

Customer and carrier portal

Manage and follow the order's status online around the clock.

Digital order receipt

Automatically send an e-mail with a digital signature to your customer. 


A map and positioning service which shows vehicles’ positions and movements in real-time.

Price lists

Advanced handling of price lists from agreements to invoicing.


Pay your hauliers for services/materials performed.

Construction and rental

Manage different material locations and rent out resources or containers. 

Financial linking

Automatic transfer of transactions to and from Hogia Ekonomi (Finance).

Connected vehicles

Make transport plans in relation to the positions of your vehicles by retrieving information from the vehicle computer without the need for additional hardware. It requires the data service for connected vehicles (rFMS) with the respective vehicle manufacturers (Volvo and Scania). Connected vehicles gives you real-time control and creates the conditions for good planning by being able to see your entire vehicle fleet in a map view. In addition to the position, you can also see in which direction the vehicle is driving, historically see positions, how the vehicle has moved and when it was stopped for waiting or was stationary.


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We demonstrate our products directly on your computer, while you talk to us on the phone.


We demonstrate our products directly on your computer, while you talk to us on the phone.