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Automatic reporting of hazardous waste at Lessebo Åkericentral

Are you among those who think it can be time-consuming and long-winded to register the handling of hazardous waste with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency? Hogia now has a solution to make it happen automatically instead. Somebody who immediately saw the benefits and who has already ordered the service is Henrik Edberg, production manager at Lessebo Åkericentral.

Lessebo Åkericentral is a well-established haulage contractor based in Lessebo since 1942 and a client of Hogia for 20 years. As Lessebo Åkericentral is both a recipient as well as a transporter and producer, and also intermediate storage, they are involved along the entire process and must report to the waste register every day of the week.

– We took Hogia's offer right away, for us it was an obvious choice. This service makes it easy for us. Now we don't have to log in to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's portal every time we have to register. We will save a lot of time and fewer margins of error, says Henrik Edberg.

Legal requirements

Since November 2020, it is a requirement to report hazardous waste to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's electronic waste register. This gives the Environmental Protection Agency and regulators a clearer picture of the way dangerous waste is moving through the country and increases the possibility of ensuring that the waste is finally disposed of properly. At the same time, it has created a lot of additional work for many business owners. Reporting is perceived as complex. Hogia then saw an opportunity to make things easier for its customers.

– When we noticed that the registration portal was perceived as complicated and time consuming, while appreciating that we could integrate it into existing software, we chose to create an automated service. We want to help our customers comply with environmental requirements in a smooth and easy manner. And through this service, our client can also do the reporting for their clients, says Henrik Aleborg, Business Area Manager for Construction Transports at Hogia Logistics Systems.

Four minutes of time saving

When you register manually to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's portal, you must log in with your bank ID each time and enter details such as waste code, volume, waste producer, transporter, recipient and date. If you have transported different items, such as fluorescent lamps, batteries, light bulbs and petrol, you must also enter each item individually, even if they have all been part of the same transport.

– Manual reporting on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's portal takes at least five minutes for an experienced administrator.  In our system, it only takes a minute and the risk of errors is significantly reduced because you can stay there and do not need to change the environment. This creates a flow between order, transport and registration, says Henrik Aleborg. 


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