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How PHL Transport has digitised its handling of transport notes

Unnecessary paper handling is a thing of the past at the family-owned concrete haulage company PHL Transport. The transition to managing the company's transport notes digitally has been both easy and smooth thanks to Hogia's cloud-based Moveit Bygg & Anläggning system.

The Larsson family knows everything about concrete transport. Nowadays, it is the fourth generation working in the industry. Now with Kim Larsson, who runs the concrete transport company PHL Transport since 2019, and his sister Therese Larsson, who is the office manager. With 21 concrete trucks and three concrete pumps, the company transports concrete throughout the Stockholm and Lake Mälaren area, and also around Sweden.

In the past, PHL Transport has handled its transport notes completely manually. Then, the drivers made their way to the nearest letter box at the end of the week to send the notes to the office by post. Today, the drivers have instead a tablet in their vehicle with the Moveit Bygg & Anläggning app installed and send their notes through it at the end of the day at the touch of a button.

“This means that I receive the transport notes daily and can invoice our customers right away. This gives us better liquidity. The whole process also becomes more environmentally friendly with all the paper we save. My job has also been streamlined, as several unnecessary tasks have disappeared”, says Therese Larsson.

Therese Larsson, PHL Transport

My job has also been streamlined, as several unnecessary tasks have disappeared.

Good support from Hogia

She also worked with a system from Hogia at her previous job. Therefore, the step was not far to contact them when it was time for PHL Transport to streamline its handling of transport notes.

“Hogia responds quickly when you have questions or need help. You can see, they want it to work well for the company. That they want to solve problems and help us, not just sell a product”, says Therese Larsson.

Easy to do right

Moveit Bygg & Anläggning, which PHL Transport has chosen to use, is a new cloud-based system with associated app that helps reduce paperwork. The process from ordering and execution to reporting back and invoicing is fully automated.

“We’ve created the system for small and medium-sized companies in the construction, civil engineering and construction industries that want to become more digital. If you’ve worked with transport notes manually before, it will be very easy to switch to Moveit Bygg & Anläggning because you fill in the notes in the same way. The only difference is that they are handled digitally via the app instead”, says Johan Verner, Sales Manager at Hogia Logistics, and continues:

“As you report back directly from the app to the system, the whole process is fast and nothing gets lost along the way or goes wrong. It’s easy to do right!”

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