Bellmans are digitising their scale tickets – this will mean smoother invoicing and less paper

Reduced paper handling, correct information directly into the system and increased liquidity. Bellman Group's IT manager, Patrik Sandahl, sees many advantages with digitised scale tickets: “The drivers simply scan a QR code so the info is guaranteed correct”, he says.

“This is really a boost for us, every transport by excavator truck generates 15 scale tickets and we have 500 transports daily. This means an enormous amount of paper for both us and the drivers to keep track of. Now it’s easy to do with an app – we avoid handling paper while reducing the risk of error.”

This is how Patrik Sandahl, IT Manager for the Bellman Group, summarises the benefits of Hogia’s solution for digitising scale tickets in connection with transport from gravel quarries.

The Bellmans haulage company is part of the Bellman Group and conveys trucks and excavators with drivers to the construction industry in Greater Stockholm. A majority of the companies in the Group have Hogia system support and Patrik Sandahl sees the business system as the basis of the Bellman solution.

“I have been working operationally in the Hogia solution for more than a decade and the system enables us to be a swift-footed company. Our customers need help quickly and we can easily keep in touch with our vehicle fleet and keep track of where our stuff is. Also, invoicing will be both smoother and faster.

”Invoicing will be both smoother and faster"

Modules enable a tailor-made solution

Patrik Sandahl says that they have coupled several Hogia modules to optimise their solution and the digital handling of scale tickets fits perfectly into the new way of working.

“Instead of the tickets being printed, placed on the instrument panel and then taken to the office to be punched and finally invoiced, the entire flow will become automatic. The drivers simply scan a QR code so the info is guaranteed correct”.

The scale system generates a QR code on the scale ticket, which the driver then scans with the Hogia mobile app. The information on the driving order is updated afterwards, which gives an efficient handling where the risk of error is minimised.

A Hogia industry first

Johan Verner is sales manager at Hogia and sees both Bellmans and Hogia as pioneers in an industry that has not progressed so far in digitalisation.

“Bellmans is way ahead – the company operates in a traditional industry where many people still work manually but at the same time, there is a willingness to digitise to make administration easier. We are responsive to the needs that exist when we develop new systems for the industry, the solution with digital scale tickets is a good example of this. Hogia is at the forefront here, as we are the first with support for scanning QR codes on scale tickets in the drivers' mobile app. Digitisation of scale tickets is something that really makes our customers’ everyday lives easier.”

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