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We make you prepared for future requirements for construction transport

Hogia Moveit

Digitalisation is knocking on the door of everyone, including the construction industry. And the further development goes, the higher the demands that are placed on you as an entrepreneur when it comes to administration, order management and different standards. We understand that it can feel overwhelming but there are aids to use.

Have you heard of BEAst? The Construction Industry's Electronic Business Standard coordinates standards in the construction industry and arose when the contractors NCC, PEAB and Skanska joined forces and wanted uniform standards for various articles.

“A material, such as gravel, is given a code as a name and that code should then always be used to characterise gravel. When digitising an entire industry, this type of standard is required for this to be possible”, says Johan Verner, Hogia's expert in logistics systems in the construction industry.

In future, the BEAst standard will be a requirement for procurements”, Johan Verner continues.

Johan Verner

In future, the BEAst standard will be a requirement for procurements. When digitising an entire industry, this type of standard is required for this to be possible.

“In order for you in the future to be able to take assignments with major players via procurement, they will require your business to live up to BEAst standards.

Today, building and construction transport is an industry with lots of paperwork, everything from orders to documentation and driving slips are handled manually. And there are big risks with that approach. 

“The greater the manual handling and administration you have, the greater the risk of making mistakes. With a digital process that is to some extent automated, you avoid paper handling and drastically reduce administration, while making sure that everything is going right.

Moveit Bygg & Anläggning speeds up your entire flow – from order to invoicing – and you can at the same time get assignments approved through BEAst. This solution is available both as a mobile app and web application.

“When all manual handling goes digital, the office receives assignments and the drivers then get them sent to an app on their phone. Reporting and signing are also largely automatic. The whole process simply becomes more efficient and then you get paid sooner”, concludes Johan Verner.

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