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Hogia to supply traffic information system to Region Västmanland

Region Västmanland

Hogia has won a tender with Region Västmanland to supply a traffic information system for the entire bus traffic service in the region. The Hogia system will form the hub of the business and provide traffic management, drivers and travellers with a complete picture of the public transport service in real time, while also being able to provide forecasts. There are 38,000 journeys made by public transport in Västmanland every day.

“We will deliver a comprehensive solution that includes large parts of our public transport portfolio. The Hogia system will handle all public transport data in the region and in a very tangible way improve the experience for travellers”, says Linda Ekdahl, Managing Director for Hogia Public Transport Systems.

The solution is based on the PubTrans platform, which is constructed to collect and manage large amounts of public transport data from various data sources. PubTrans performs a number of checks and plausibility assessments of all the data. It is then processed and delivered in the form of timetables and information about discrepancies, such as cancellations and closed bus stops. The location of the vehicles is measured and delivered each second, which means traffic management can quickly manage events and minimise disruptions but also make forecasts of upcoming journeys. 

Each vehicle will be fitted with a display with map support that allows the driver to see the exact position of the bus and how it compares to the timetable as well as how the tour should be driven.

“Region Västmanland is the first public transport authority to have this installed in their vehicles. Receiving constant updated information about their journey, regardless of disruptions and traffic diversions, will be a huge boost for drivers, which in turn provides travellers with high-quality information,” says Linda Ekdahl. 


Arne Andersson, Administrative Director at Region Västmanland

Arne Andersson, Administrative Director at Region Västmanland. 

“We want to make travelling with public transport as attractive as possible. Part of this is to increase the service to our travellers and ensure that they get the right information at the right time. Hogia's system will be a strong support to traffic management in their dialogue with drivers and in collecting traffic data for analysis and follow-up of public transport,” says Arne Andersson, Administrative Director at Region Västmanland. 

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