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The port of Ystad digitalises its operations with the support of Hogia’s system

The port of Ystad is Sweden’s third-largest port for ferry passengers and the country’s fifth-largest in terms of cargo vehicles. The port handles over two million passengers and 300,000 lorries and trailers annually. Now Hogia is delivering a terminal system that will digitalise the port’s administrative and operational work.

“Our business is growing, with steadily increasing volumes of goods, trucks and passengers. We need a system that ensures high quality and thereby increased security for our clients and their customers,” says Björn Boström, CEO of the Port of Ystad. 

Björn Boström, VD på Ystad Hamn
Björn Boström, CEO of the Port of Ystad.

Hogia’s terminal system will also serve as an information hub in communication between the port and their customers, simplifying matters and saving important time in daily work.

“Today we can follow up our volumes on a monthly basis using statistics from the shipping companies. With Hogia’s terminal system, we will have a greater ability to continuously monitor these volumes and to plan our operations more dynamically,” concludes Björn Boström.

“This is just the beginning of our collaboration with the port of Ystad and we look forward to being part of their growth and digitalisation journey,” says Mathias Lindell, Managing Director of Hogia Terminal Systems.

For further information, please contact:
Mathias Lindell, Managing Director, Hogia Terminal Systems
Phone +46 303 72 60 92 or

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