Optimize your processes and
take control in real-time

Optimize your processes and
take control in real-time

Optimize your processes and
take control in real-time

Hogia Terminal Operating System

Terminals are busy places, but with the Hogia Terminal Operating System you know exactly what’s happening, as it happens. What, when, where – it’s all there, across the whole logistics flow. Easy to access and in real-time. Our solutions can help automate and streamline operational work, invoicing and administration, saving you time and resources, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

A multi-purpose Terminal Operating System

Whatever cargo combination you’re handling, Hogia TOS has standard modules to cover all your needs, and improve your efficiency in handling them. We appreciate that all terminals have a uniqueness in their customer base, their layout, their infrastructure and their operations.  That is why Hogia TOS has been specifically designed to provide a standard yet modular solution. We can build a system that will feel tailor made for your operations whilst still providing all the benefits of an off-the-shelf, ‘state of the art’ solution.



TOS container


Car trade

Trade cars

General cargo

General cargo





Some of our customers

More efficient access control system for the Port of Trelleborg
Wallhamn is streamlining its freight flows

Wallhamn handles about 100,000 vehicles per year, and uses Hogia’s Terminal Operating System as a central system.

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The TOS application core includes the following applications


Full control of everything that arrives and departs from your terminal


Traditional EDIFACT messaging to support all your business needs

Finance automation

Easy and automated invoicing


Act on potential bottlenecks as quickly as possible

Operational handling

Perform operational work anywhere using smart phones and tablets

Yard Planning

Plan and organise your yard with ease

TOS additional tools and features


Connect your TOS to anyone, anywhere. Reliable real-time information in a standardised format.

Terminal Map

Visually plan and organise your yard to maximize your assets and capacity in real-time

Gate solutions

Minimise the driver’s stoppage time at gate-in by introducing a fully or semi-automated system


Avoid misplacing of units through GPS-coordinate positioning


Ensure the condition of arriving and departing units

Reports and KPIs

Use the power of your data in dashboards and reports to expand your business

Verified Gross Mass

Verify unit weight in compliance with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)


Effortless customs clearance

Depot Handling

Effective operational workflows for as few stack lifts as possible

Customer Portal

Let your customers access the information they need

Rail planning

Easily plan and organise the positioning of wagons and units in train sets

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Managing Director
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Product Manager
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