How to log in to Hogia MyPayslip

Does your company use Hogia MyPayslip? Here you will find a guide to how to log in and view your paychecks. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions about MyPayslip further down the page.

Hogia MyPayslip allows you to review your payslips via your browser, on both your computer and mobile phone.

How to get started: 

You can activate your Hogia MyPayslip login in two ways. The first option is that your administrator can invite you to log in using Mobile BankID or an e-mail address and password. You can also create your own account using Mobile BankID.


Inloggning som ny användare till Hogia MyPayslip, via inbjudan från administratören.


Log in as a new MyPayslip user via an invitation from your administrator 

When your administrator invites you to MyPayslip, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to get started. Follow the steps it outlines to you create your personal login using Mobile BankID or HogiaID (password and e-mail address), which you can then use to log in to MyPayslip. If you already have a HogiaID, you will receive an e-mail information you that you have been invited and instructions on how to log in to MyPayslip.

Log in as a new MyPayslip user with an account you created yourself  

If your company has a valid Hogia MyPayslip licence and your details have been transferred from the payroll system, you can create your own login and log in to without an invitation from your administrator. Immediately click “Start BankID” to log in with Mobile BankID. Then follow the instructions.

How to save MyPayslip as a web app or create a shortcut on your mobile or computer homescreen.

For Android mobile phones and Windows desktop (Chrome, Edge):

  1. Start the browser on your mobile.
  2. Go to the Hogia MyPayslip login page:
  3. Click “Download” on the banner at the bottom of the screen, then select “Instal” to instal the app version of MyPayslip.
  4. The MyPayslip web app is now added to your home screen. Click on the icon to go directly to the MyPayslip login page.

App-ikon Hogia MyPayslip

For a shortcut on iOS mobile phones (Safari):

  1. Start the browser on your mobile.
  2. Go to the Hogia MyPayslip login page:
  3. Tap the middle icon at the bottom of the screen to open the drop-down menu.

    Spara Hogia MyPayslip genväg på din hemskärm i mobilen
  4. Save the Hogia MyPayslip shortcut to your mobile’s homescreen
  5. Scroll down and select “Add to Home Screen”.
  6. Enter MyPayslip as the name of the shortcut, then tap “Add”.
  7. The MyPayslip icon is now added to your homescreen. Click on the icon to go directly to the MyPayslip login page.

For browser-specific information, click here:

If you need additional help getting started, contact your employer’s administrator.


Your employer decides when your payslips are published. Contact your employer to find out when your salary will be paid.

Either your employer will send you an invitation, or you can create your own account by logging in to MyPayslip with Mobile BankID.

Depending on the device and browser you use to log in, you can save MyPayslip as a bookmark or download MyPayslip as a web app on your homescreen. For browser-specific information, click here:


Yes, you can view payslips from multiple employers in MyPayslip, provided that your employers use MyPayslip. How you view them varies depending on whether you logged in with BankID or HogiaID (e-mail and password).

If you have logged in with BankID – Once you have logged in, you can view your payslips from current and previous employers. This is regardless of whether you later log in with BankID or HogiaID. You can easily switch between your employers in the company selector.

Företagsväljaren i Hogia MyPayslip

If you have logged in with HogiaID – What you can view will vary, depending on the e-mail address you have registered with your employer.

If you have the same e-mail address registered with all your employers and log in to MyPayslip, you can switch between employers using the company selector at the top of the menu bar. When you tap on the company name, you will get a list of the employers from which you have received payslips and can select the ones you want to see.

If you use different e-mail addresses for each employer, you need to log in and out of MyPayslip using these various e-mail addresses. This will allow you to switch between companies and see your payslips.

If the company you worked at still uses MyPayslip, you can access your old payslips. Click on the answer to the question above.

Log in to: in your browser. Immediately click “Start BankID”, then follow the instructions.

You will not be able to view your payslips in MyPayslip until your employer publishes them. If you don’t see any payslips, contact your employer.

You will only be able to view the payslips that your employer has chosen to publish in MyPayslip.

Once you have your payslip in front of you in MyPayslip, click the “LADDA NER” [“DOWNLOAD”] button. The payslip will then be displayed as a PDF that you can store/save locally on your mobile phone or computer. If you have MyPayslip on your computer, you can choose to save and print your payslip, or if you can connect your mobile phone to a printer, you can select “Skriv ut” [“Print”] in the top right corner. 
If you cannot print directly from your mobile phone, you have the option to send the file to your e-mail address and then print it out from there. Here’s how:

Click “LADDA NER” [“DOWNLOAD”] and then search for the PDF file that was saved to your phone. Search for the name “Lönespec” [Payslip], select “Dela” [“Share”], and then e-mail the file to yourself or transfer it to another storage medium available on your mobile.

Once you have clicked “LADDA NER” [“DOWNLOAD”] and received your payslip as a PDF file, you can immediately select “Dela” [“Share”] and then choose whether you want to send the payslip as an e-mail or to transfer it to another storage medium available on your mobile.

  1. Go to:
  2. Click “MITT HOGIAID” [“MY HOGIAID”] under your user ID.
  3. Select “Byt e-postadress” [“Change e-mail address”].
  4. Enter your password and new e-mail address, confirm the e-mail address, and finally click on the “Ändra e-post” [“Change e-mail”] button. Your MyPayslip e-mail address has now been changed.

You can order a new password by clicking on “Jag behöver ett nytt lösenord” [“I need a new password”] on the login page, entering your desired e-mail address, and then following the instructions to help you further.

Yes, on both your mobile phone and computer. Log in to: in your browser. Immediately click “Start BankID, or enter your e-mail and password. Then follow the instructions.

Yes, you can, if you use Mobile BankID as a login method. Your company must have a valid MyPayslip licence, and your payroll administrator must have transferred you as an employee from the payroll programme to MyHogia and Payslip (the administrator’s Hogia payroll tool).

To invite yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to: via your browser.
  2. Immediately click “Start BankID”. 
  3. Start BankID on your mobile and tap “Scan QR code”, or tap the BankID button on the same device.
  4. Verify your identity using your security code.
  5. Confirm your email address and click the “Fortsätt” [“Continue”] button.
  6. Enter the 6-digit code sent to your e-mail, then click “Logga in” [“Log in”].
  7. Now you can use your Mobile BankID to log in to MyPayslip and view your payslips.

You have now invited yourself to MyPayslip.

Yes, for a while longer. However, moving forwards Hogia will instead develop MyPayslip via the mobile browser. In your browser, you always have the latest version of MyPayslip and you don’t have to keep up with complicated updates in the app.

Yes, when you log in with BankID, you have the option to link one or more e-mail addresses to your BankID profile.